Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BGB Debut

Saturday, October 25th was the unofficial debut of Big Gun Brownies, publically speaking. I spent the entire day baking in the Big Gun Brownie kitchen (seen in the image on the right) for the "Figures and Forces" show at Counterpart Art Gallery in Lowell, MA, where my childhood friend Jeff Lipsky was showing off his totally eggsellent art!

Jeff has started an all-artist community on the virtual web world Second Life. There, Jeff is known as Filthy Fluno. So, for his show I wanted to create a brownie that would make Filthy Fluno proud. Filthy himself requested caramel and nuts, and so i worked to bake a batch of "Filthy Floownies" - my moist, dark chocolate brownie base, topped with pecans, 60% chocolate bits and homemade creamy caramel.

So...for some reason I can not get this image to load properly, but if you tilt your head to right, you can see my batch of creamy caramel cooling. It was very thin, so i had to let it cool completely before topping the brownies.

I baked a total of four batches, but only 3 made it to the show.

I tired adding the caramel as a middle layer to the first attempted batch of Filthy Floownies. The caramel was much too runny and ended baking into the batter, and never setting. Needless to say, these brownies went overbaked.

Of course, anyone arriving at a party (or an art gallery) with a giant batch of fresh-baked brownies is generally received pretty well.

As soon as the cover was taken off the serving tray, the brownies began ascending to to eager taste buds waiting to give them a try. I will admit, they were pretty tasty, but not my strongest presentation.

Turns out, Jeff's mom loves baking brownies just as much as i do and likes to bake them from scratch in her own kitchen. I have tentative plans for a baking party with Mrs. Lipsky after the holiday season! Can't wait! Nothing says "i love you" like baking brownies with someone you adore!

Sorry this posting has taken so long to get up. I have just returned from the New York City Chocolate Show and Tastings Show with many exciting chocolate stories to report back. I promise to get a few pictures and a review going in the next few days.

I have been invited to a small reunion party on Wednesday night at the home of my high-school classmate Lauren Beckham-Falcone who writes for the Boston Herald. Of course, i'll be bringing brownies!

Stay tuned...

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  1. Yummy caramelly brownies called "floonies"
    to die for. Make some more please!!!